Change. My life is changing all around me. I’m almost 50, and my kids are growing up, my parents are getting older, my husband has his new career, and I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

Or do I?

Do I start my own school? Farm? Soup kitchen? Artist studio?

Perhaps you are at a point of transition as well. It’s a bit scary. And I have to admit, it is exciting as well.

As I daydream about different possibilities, I become a superhero in a sublime climate without disease or drought or government regulations. Time to journal these ideas before I shoot them down.

I just purchased Grassfed Life’s “Start Your Your Farm Now” teachable course in order to learn what it takes to be a farming entrepreneur. I would like to have all the legal stuff figured out before I start anything! As I learn, I’ll add to this blog about the journey.

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