True cost of starting a business

It is not just money at stake. My family and my health are at risk as well. If a business is my goal, then I need to be sure that my family shares that goal and will still be with me when we reach it. Also, if the process of starting a business costs me my health, it would be better that I not begin the process. Both of these conclusions are depressing.

I have been taking a Teachable course by GrassFedLife on starting a farming business. I want to raise meat chickens and duck eggs for my local community as I transition from full-time homeschooler to empty-nester. After working with chickens and ducks for a few years as a hobby, I want to be successful by raising these birds for profit. I am fairly clueless about starting a business, so I purchased the course for help. Boy, am I glad I did!

Counting the cost

I haven’t given up on starting a business, but I am going to be SO careful! My family means the world to me, and when my health goes downhill, life stinks. Perhaps I should look at the true cost of starting a business like an asset.

For example, I have a very large field that holds water very well, and is often overrun with snails. Everywhere I walk, I hear the “crunch crunch” of snail shells under my boots. I have an abundance of snails! Or, do I have a dearth of ducks? Bringing ducks on to the farm has brought me so much joy and delicious eggs and fewer snails. Win win!

If I can get my whole family to “buy” the goal of a business, in whatever shape that is, then I will have their momentum to help get it off the ground. If this business encourages me to be outside, carry reasonable amounts of weight, and produces delicious food, then my health will improve. My new goal is Win Win!

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